Saturday, 15 January 2011

Field Exchange - A Collaboration Between Hermione Spriggs and Suzi Tibbetts

‘a gift increases in vitality the more it is given’

Field Exchange is a collaborative project instigated by Hermione Spriggs and Suzi Tibbetts. Throughout YOS 2011 a widening circle of object exchange will interlink the two artists’ studios, incorporating salvaged curios and members of the visiting public.
The ‘works in progress’ will be carried by visitors across the field between the two sites to continue their creation as the event unfolds.
An exhibition of the hoard of resultant artefacts from 'Field Exchange' will take place from 14th to 16th April 2011 at Bar Lane Studios.

Decalcomania at the National Railway Museum


“Queen posts”
“Diamond Switch”
“Shoe beam”
"Jim Crow"

Glass cases of organized, annotated objects present a veneer of truth. They exude an aura of impenetrable distance: the standard museum display presents a one-way system of knowledge dissemination. Decalcomania is a collaborative project between Suzi Tibbetts and Hermione Spriggs. Beginning with terms taken from the railway dictionary, and obstinately blind to their original definition, new object-subjects will be intuitively fabricated. These artworks (‘faux’-artefacts) will then be inserted into cabinets within the Station Hall.